Child Injured After Bounce House Rolls On California Freeway Struck By Vehicle

Gusty winds are said the cause of a bounce house gone wild Saturday afternoon in Adelanto California.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department said that gusty winds blew the bounce house with a 9-year-old child inside from an Adelanto home onto the highway.

Authorities say a child suffered minor injuries after gusty winds blew a bounce house from a California neighborhood onto a nearby highway. The sheriff’s department says the bounce house rolled onto the freeway and struck a vehicle, at which point the child fell out of it. Continue reading

CA 7-Eleven Blasts Classical Music To Drive Away Panhandlers

We’ve all heard of music being used as an interrogation tactic. As Sgt. Mark Hadsell, a member of the U.S. Psychological Operations team, put it, “If you play it [music] for 24 hours, your brain and body functions start to slide, your train of thought slows down and your will is broken. That’s when we come in and talk to them.”

Like the musical procedures used by black ops, a 7-Eleven in Modesto, California has found a similar and so far very effective way to keep people from panhandling and loitering outside their store – They put the Bach on blast.

Sukhi Sandhu, who owns the convenience store franchise in Modesto, CA., said his customers tell him they feel safer since he started blasting classical music over a gang of outdoor speakers.

“Once the music started, the riffraff left,” said Manuel Souza, who’s homeless and jokingly referred to himself as part of the riffraff. The loud music makes it hard “to hang out and gossip and joke around” near the store, Souza told the Modesto Bee last week from under a tree down the block. Continue reading


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have welcomed a little girl into the world!

Kim Kardashian gave birth to a baby girl this morning. Kim Kardashian was in labor under the radar at Cedars-Sinai hospital today, after a week dodging paparazzi as she prepared for her baby girl to arrive. While Kim K and Kanye were spotted out last night, it seems that the baby girl was eager to make her entrance fabulously early. Reports indicate that the pregnant mom-to-be and baby daddy Kanye ducked out early because Kim was…

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