Another Jahlil Okafor Street Fight Leaves Man Knocked Out Cold

Jahlil Okafor caught on video brutally knocking out a 2nd victim on the streets of Boston.

Last week, Okafor made headlines after footage showed the NBA star getting into several brawls with revelers and fans.

Jahlil Okafor scandal

Witnesses at the scene tell TMZ Sports the new footage takes place AFTER the first fight on Nov. 25th … a little further down the street. Continue reading

Did These NBA Players Actually KISS On The Court?

Out of the closet and down on the court! Anderson Varejão, an 11-year veteran of the Cleveland Cavaliers, and newbie, Iman Shumpert, have developed some awesome chemistry, and we’re not talking about passing the ball chemistry, we’re talking about the swapping spit kind!

During Game 3 of the Cavs vs Celtics playoff series, Varejão got up close and personal with Shumpert, in a moment that can only be called heartwarming.

Anderson Varejão  Iman Shumpert kiss

Could someone give poor Kevin Love a hug dammit? Continue reading

Kobe Bryant Sets Record For Most Missed Field Goals

Kobe Bryant has garnered a career 31,000 points, but not all of those shots converted – to be exact, 13,418 of them missed their mark.

Bryant led the Lakers with eight points in a losing effort against the Grizzlies with the Black Mamba breaking John Havlicek‘s all-time record for missed field goals.

kobe-ring (1)

“We just got guys that got a lot of guts, a lot of determination,” head coach Byron Scott said. “We weren’t gonna just lie down. Continue reading

Drake Shows Up for LeBron James 26th B-Day Bash

drake attends the 26th birthday party basketball star lebron james miami Drake Shows Up for LeBron James 26th B Day Bash

MIAMI, FLORIDA – Thursday December 30 2010. Drake attends the 26th birthday party of basketball star, LeBron James, at the Coco Deville lounge in Miami’s Gansevoort Hotel. During the evening, LeBron tweeted, Wanna thank all my family, friends and fans for the B-day S/O’s today! Love all u guys. Its gonna be another great year! Yes Sir! Marketing Marvel: James’ handlers are creating an eleven-stop birthday tour for companies who want their products and brand names shoved in front of young hipsters. It’s called the LeBron King James Full Court Birthday Celebration. The minimum buy-in is $10,000 and if you want to go all in, it will cost $500,000 to be certain you are seen at all the events planned around this young man’s birthday. Eleven cities will see the King’s celebration in the span of four months including L.A., Chicago, Orlando and Atlanta. Photograph: Rachid Ait,

Buy a Kendra Wilkinson Portable Stripper Pole!

Playboy’s “Girls Next Door” Kendra Wilkinson is capitalizing while she’s hot. Since the show ended, Kendra branched off from the other 2 ‘Girls Next Door’ ladies, and got her own reality show, but it hasn’t ended there.

Kendra has now created her own line of portable stripper poles! These stripper poles are sturdy enough to do back-flips on. I received a portable stripper pole at a red carpet party once, and that brand definitely didn’t have the durability as Kendra’s brand. You could barely use the darn pole without it tipping over! Timberrrr!

If you watch this demonstration video, you can see that you will be able to do all the big moves without worrying about a pole break down.

“X-Pole US welcomes you to the exciting world of Kendra Sport Pole exercise and dance in your own home. Enjoy the exhilarating fun of a pole workout, spice up your parties or dance with your friends.
Whether a beginner, intermediate or professional, Kendra Wilkinson ‘Sport Pole’ is produced to the highest standards guaranteeing you the best pole experience on the market.”

You can buy it online here.