Boogie Nights Burt Reynolds Emerges At 79 Looking Great

Burt Reynolds rarely appears in public these days, so we were delighted to see the a-lister appearing at Wizard World Comic Con in Chicago on Saturday.

The Boogie Nights actor was there to promote his new biography, But Enough About Me.

Burt Reynolds Wizard World Comic Con

The appearance comes three months after the star surprised fans at WWCC in Philadelphia on May 9. Continue reading

SMOKEY AND THE BANKRUPT: Burt Reynolds BROKE Auctioning Off Awards

Burt Reynolds is broke and auctioning off over 600 of his most prized possessions, including a Golden Globes trophy.

Due to poor business decisions, the fire sale will put a slew of the movie star’s personal items under the gavel, including artwork, signed photographs and even the red jacket Reynolds, now 78, donned in Smokey and the Bandit II.


In a foreword in the catalogue, the Deliverance star says: “I’ve collected so many things that I truly adore but at this stage in my life I find it very difficult to manage them all.

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