Streisand Celebrates Hillary Victory ‘HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN’


Barbra Streisand was in a celebratory mood last night as she kicked off her farewell to the farewell tour in Los Angeles.

Barbra Streisand hillary happy days are here again

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Stephen Curry Claims NBA Security ‘Profiled’ Father-In-Law

Steph Curry — NBA Security ‘Profiled’ My Father-In-Law … ‘Threatened to Arrest Him’

Steph Curry and his wife, Ayesha, claim her father was “profiled” and “almost arrested” by NBA security at Game 6 in Cleveland Thursday night … in…

French Montana and Drake Shoot ‘No Shopping’ Video

Drake and French Montana get it poppin’ once again. The “Pop That” collaborators teamed up for another joint, “No Shopping,” and …

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Disney Admits: We Might Need “Caution Alligators” Signs

Disney — We Might Need Alligator Signs

Disney is acknowledging it may need signs around its properties warning of a hidden danger … alligators. A VP for the mouse says, while the beaches…

Steven Spielberg wants to remake ‘West Side Story’

Rumors have been swirling for years that Steven Spielberg had his eye on a potential West Side Story remake, and now, according to Spielberg…

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40,000 Pound Dead Whale Causes Stink In Celebrity Malibu Neighborhood

First time of my life I can actually say that I’m glad that I don’t live in Malibu… Ever since a 40,000-pound young male fin whale washed up on a Malibu beach beach Thursday, celebrities have been complaining of an awful stench, and get this, authorities don’t want to clean up the gigantic mess.

As authorities pass the buck on who exactly is responsible for the cleanup duties, celebrities are left with the commanding smell of death in the air.

“It really is a horrible stench, it’s hard to describe, I could hardly finish my cappuccino!” said one neighbor to the carcass.