Tom Cruise QUITS Guy Ritchie The Man From U.N.C.L.E!

Tom Cruise drops project.. Tom Cruise has up and quit Warner Bros. The Man From U.N.C.L.E. production! Tom says he wants to instead focus on his franchise, Mission: Impossible, but sources tell that the actor a falling out with Guy Ritchie! Cruise joins George Clooney and director Steven Soderbergh as fellow quitters on the fits and spurts Ritchie project.


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Katharine McPhee Cute Streak Ends In Red Carpet Disaster

Katharine McPhee usually shows up looking fresh and cute! But I am sorry to say that all came to an disastrous and on the red carpet last night! That shirt is simply hideous! It doesn’t fit below the collar when it’s fully buttoned up and the color is all wrong! The coat is scruffy and appears uncomfortable. And the lipstick, the color, again, not good…

Honored: Johnny Depp Meets ‘Navajo Nation’ President as ‘Tonto’!

Johnny Depp, dressed up in full ‘Tonto’ makeup and wardrobe, meets and greets with ‘Navajo Nation’ President Ben Shelly, and Vice President Rex Lee Jim.

The Navajo reps were invited to the set of “The Lone Ranger” movie set, which was ‘on location’ in Monument Valley, Utah.

Depp, who says he is from Cherokee Indian decent himself, is playing ‘Tonto’ the Indian in The Lone Ranger rehash movie. In the new movie that Depp is producing and acting in, Depp actually switches the leadership roles of the characters. Rather than having the Ranger make executive decisions, Tonto will be leading the journey this time around.
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Johnny Depp As “Tonto” in “The Lone Ranger”

Johnny Depp is currently in New Mexico, filming the long awaited remake of “The Lone Ranger”.

Depp is not only producing this movie, but he’s also starring in it as American Indian “Tonto”, who will be leading the pack this time around.

In the original film, The Lone Ranger was the boss, and Tonto was the follower, but Depp wanted to see the roles switch this time. Tonto-Depp is taking the reigns, and Armie Hammer (TLR) will be taking orders.
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