Video: Dance Moms Abby Lee Miller Visibly Distraught After “Medical Issue” At Halfway House

Former Dance Moms star, Abby Lee Miller, was caught on video leaving the halfway house where she’s serving the end of her prison sentence due to an apparent medical issue. TMZ is reporting it is the second incident in less than 24 hours.

Abby’s seen walking out of the facility toward a car picking her up when she’s asked how she’s feeling, but she signals she can’t answer … and appears to be in pain. TMZ says she was heading back to the hospital for treatment.

Abby also left the Residential Reentry Center Tuesday afternoon in an ambulance after medics responded to a call for an “unspecified medical complaint.” She was reportedly dealing with either a back or thyroid issue.

Miller was transferred from prison to the halfway house a couple weeks ago to serve the rest of her time for fraud, and has clearly had a rough couple days there.

She’s scheduled to be released May 25.

Watch the video here.

Dance Mom Dancer, 13, SUES Abby Lee Miller: Would Pinch Until We Bled

13-year-old, Paige Hyland, a dancer from “Dance Moms,” is suing the show’s star, Abby Lee Miller, claiming she now suffers panic attacks and extreme anxiety.

Hyland says in her lawsuit that Miller was abusive to the other dancers, at times, pinching them until they bled. Paige went on to say she feared being physically battered because she saw Miller physically attack others on the set.

dance moms abby lee miller

Paige says Miller’s M.O. was to make the girls cry, deriding them for being emotionally weak, calling them names, insulting their looks Continue reading