Professor’s Kids INVADE BBC Interview LIVE On-Air HILARIOUS Hijinks Ensues

A Youtube video is going viral depicting Poli Sci professor Robert Kelly conducting a Skype type interview with the BBC from his home. Kelly was sharing his views on the ousting of the South Korean President when suddenly he was invaded by two of his curious kids.

The unexpected comic relief caught Kelly with his pants down, (maybe literally?) while he was being interviewed live on BBC News about South Korea. With the exception of a stiff arm to his toddler’s face, Kelly managed to keep his composure and with the help of his intervening wife, completed the interview successfully.

Normally only tiny children pee in their pants, but a fair share of adults have just done the same thing after watching this video. The BBC was interviewing Poli Sci professor Robert Kelly from his home about the ousting of the South Korean Prez, when 2 of his kids made surprise cameos.

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