Meet The Insanely TAN Woman Who Sports Europe’s BIGGEST Chest!

Meet Martina Big, a ‘model’ who has struck the claim to Europe’s biggest lady bumps and possibly the world’s darkest tan. Big recently appeared on UK’s This Morning show.

Big not only possesses a record setting tan, (that would make President Donald Trump envious,) but she also has scored the title of biggest “assets” in Europe. Big’s chest clocks in at a whopping size 32 S!!!

Her dark tan contrasts against her blond hair and when accompanied by her boobs, she certainly stands out from the crows. The German Air hostess appeared this week on the UK talk show “This Morning” to discuss her surgery and her journey to get to the look she has ended up with. Presenters Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes quizzed Martina about her unique look. Continue reading