DADDY ISSUES: Laurence Fishburne DAUGHTER Montana Arrested DUI Property Damage

Kids.. Montana Fishburne, the eldest daughter of revered actor, Laurence Fishburne, said in 2011, “He told me he was embarrassed by me.” Gosh we can’t think of a single reason why papa Fishburne would be embarrassed of his stellar offspring! Unless you count the drugs and the skripping and the adult films.. Montana’s mother is Laurence’s ex-wife, actress Hajna O. Moss.

Montana, 25, was arrested by Florida Highway Patrol troopers Saturday near her residence after she was involved in an accident on I-95 near the South Florida city. She was charged with DUI, DUI with property damage and DUI with blood alcohol readings above .15 and was booked into the night in a Broward County Sheriff’s Office jail.

The three charges could combine for a maximum three-year sentence in a state prison. Her booking photo shows Fishburne’s eyes are still blood-shot and her nose red after what appears to be a long period of crying. She was released Saturday afternoon on $2,500-bond, according to records. Continue reading