So How Does Chrissie Hynde Net Worth Stack Up To Other Female Performers? Not So Much..

The Pretenders singer, Chrissie Hynde, may now spend her days in seclusion, milking her pet cows, but back in the day, she was a bonafide rock star. The Pretenders sold millions of albums and ruled new wave and punk rock radio throughout the eighties, so Hynde must have amassed a huge fortune in the process, right? The answer depends on what is considered a fortune these days.

Hynde, 65, found huge success performing with The Pretenders crooning classic hits, “Brass In Pocket,” “Back on the Chain Gang,” “Don’t Get Me Wrong,” to name a few, but how much dough did she manage to bank along the way? By today’s standards, not all that much. Read on..

Hynde’s spends most of her time traveling between her homes in Paris, London and New York as part of a fly-on-the-wall BBC documentary, where she admits she is a ‘recluse’ who has resigned herself to die alone. If judgement day came for Hyndes today she would likely leave behind a net worth of $12 million. Continue reading