NEW YORK, NY. (THECOUNT) — Jeffrey Epstein’s pilot, Lawrence P. Visoski, Jr. testified today for the second day of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial.

Upon cross examination, Visoski said that he never saw an underage girl on a flight without a parent, he had various interactions with passengers and never saw any sexual activity, or evidence of sexual activity, on the planes.


According to EpochTimes, Visoski also testified that he was never told by Epstein to remain and the cockpit and had freedom to get coffee from the galley which was located in the center of Epstein’s Boeing 727, and to use the lavatory in Epstein’s Gulfstream, which was located in the back of the cabin, far from the cockpit.

Visoski had a very clear memory of each, including at times, square footage. The jury often saw photos of the lavish homes.

Then Pomerantz asked him questions about the layouts of Epstein’s various aircrafts. Visoski specifically mentioned two types of couches on Epstein’s Boeing 727. The jury viewed photographs of the circular couch in which Visoski called the “round room.”

While Visoski often had meet-and-greets with passengers, he testified that the door to the cockpit was always closed during flights.

Visoski went on to testify some of the more well-known passengers on various flights included President Bill Clinton, Senators John Glenn and George Mitchell, violinist Itzhak Perlman, Donald Trump, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, Kevin Spacey, and Chris Tucker.


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