CO Soldiers Celebrating Post Deployment At Hilton Met With Shocking Sign ‘No Longer Serving Military & Their Guests’

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COLORADO SPRINGS, CO. (THECOUNT) — Soldiers celebrating their post deployment at a Colorado Hilton were greeted with a rude placard informing them they were not welcome at the establishment.

The DoubleTree by Hilton in Colorado Springs has since posted to its Facebook page an apology Friday afternoon for refusing to serve members of the military at the hotel’s bar Thursday night.


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The hotel faces backlash after hundreds of Facebook users shared a photo of a sign at the bar that read “NO LONGER SERVING MILITARY PERSONNEL & THEIR GUEST(S)”

A statement from the Daniel Kammerer, General Manager of the hotel, said two employees “acted without the proper authority” to exclude service members from the bar.

Kammerer’s statement said both employees are “no longer employed at the property,” reports KOAA.

He went on to say the hotel has reached out to the leaders of the group to apologize, and “our property is one that welcomes all, especially the men and women who serve our country.”

Statement from Daniel Kammerer, General Manager of the DoubleTree by Hilton Colorado Springs:

“Our property has a proud history of hiring veterans and welcoming the military as our guests. Last night two of our team members acted without the proper authority to close and exclude military guests from our hotel’s bar. This action is inconsistent with our values and we humbly apologize. The two team members are no longer employed at the property. We have attempted to contact the leaders of the group to apologize and confirm that our property is one that welcomes all.”


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  • Ciampino

    Or drop those two in the middle of Taliban territory and leave them, saying, “We no longer protect you!”.

  • bls46

    It’s not as if that sign is made with a magic marker ! Someone created that sign and had it made…..As the parent of a three time deployed career Army soldier…this is UNACCEPTABLE….as is their lame response

  • Just go to Hooters. More appreciative wait staff and one hell of a lot more fun. Probably cheaper too.

  • Bennie Sprouse

    NOT GOOD ENOUGH – WHO were the TWO??? They need to be IDENTIFIED and RIGHTFULLY publicly SHAMED! They also need to FACE the MILITARY that they tried to exclude! This should be considered a HATE CRIME of the highest nature. Letting Crap like this to be swept away with “no longer employed here” is not enough – NAMES and PICTURES of the creeps!!!

  • IndependentTexan

    Exactly! Hilton needs to conduct a full investigation and keep the public informed of the outcome. Discrimination like this against America’s finest should be outlawed by any business wanting to continue operating in the USA

  • Zebra Dun

    Smile say thank you and walk away.
    There are other folks who will gladly serve you.

  • John F. MacMichael

    Yeah, the way they phrased that made me wonder about that as well. It could be that these two cretins were just transferred somewhere else because it was easier to do that than actually fire them. Or maybe they were fired and the manager just suffers from a bad case of mush mouth.

  • Dick

    Liberals have always hated the military. They always will.

  • Phil Horner

    who are the scum?

  • Fred_Z

    More shitty/cowardly/lefty journalism.

    What were their names?

    Any conservative employee doing anything remotely pro-conservative on the job and 1/100 as offensive would have been doxed from Alaska to Florida by the lefty media.

    That’s why they win.

    What. Were. Their. Names?

  • “no longer employed at the property” At another property?

  • James McMullen

    I’m looking around the internet, but haven’t found an answer to the question of “why?”. More to come on this story hopefully.

  • zeze

    Has anyone mentioned “Why?” the employees thought Military personnel should be banned from this bar ?