New York City man, Mazen Dayem, says his lifelong fear of the Tasmanian Devil cartoon was made worse by his father-in-law, Yunes Doleh, who purposely frighten him with a toupee that Doleh says, resembled the animated character.

Doleh was arrested in November for violating a restraining order filed by his son-in-law after showing up at a restaurant wearing the hideous hair prop, the New York Post reported. 36-year-old Dayem say he was also “terrorized” by his father-in-law who waved the hair piece and snarled while the pair attended a funeral.


The Staten Island man says he’s had a fear of the Tasmanian Devil his entire life. Dayem claims his father-in-law has taken advantage of his phobia since 2013. Dayem filed a restraining order in September following an altercation with Doleh.

An attorney for Doleh labeled the case a “family dispute.”

Doleh faces charges of criminal contempt, aggravated harassment and using a toupee in the commission of a crime.