Michael Ganczewski had his sights set on one very special lady when it came to the perfect senior prom date, but she wasn’t available, so he’s taking his Nana.

Michael, a senior at Camarillo High School in California, claims he couldn’t decide on which girl to take to his senior prom so he invited his grandma.


Turns out Nana’s family didn’t have enough money in 1961 to send her to prom, and now, with the help of some grandmotherly guilt, Michael will go back to the future ecentually giving Granny a do-over.

“Instantly, I thought, I’m bringing Nana,” said Ganczewski. “At first, when he came to me, I said no way,” says Josephine, “I’m not going to the prom, I’m an old lady! Get over it. He said, ‘No Nana, you’re my lady. I want you to go.’”

Michael had to get special permission from the school and the principal to bring his grandma as his date because the rules state that no one is allowed to attend prom that is over 20.

So it was a date made in destiny. Let’s just hope Nana’s heart holds out, because, unlike in her day, today’s prom can be a bit of rough deal.