“I am woman, hear my hand roar,” is what singer, Demi Lovato may have been thinking when she got this huge hand tattoo of a lion.

Lovato, 24, took to Instagram to show off the massive tat she recently got inked at New York City’s infamous Bang Bang Tattoo parlour.


In the images posted to her Instagram story, Demi showed close ups of the ink and posed with the tattoo artist. Bang Bang also shared an image of Demi’s left hand to it’s Instagram account. “Sometimes the canvas makes the art ;) Thank you for your trust,” the caption read. Other celebrities have tattoos of lions — Cara Delevingne and Ed Sheeran come to mind — but Demi says she didn’t steal the idea from anymore. Several social media commenters accused her of copying the ink, which sent Demi into a-tat, er attack mode. “You can’t get a tattoo these days without someone saying you’ve copied someone or you’re ‘matching’ someone,” she wrote on Twitter. “That’s not the case folks.” h/t wonderwall

Demi’s tattoo shop visit came after being honored as one of Time Magazine‘s 100 most influential people.

Lovato can afford to get a full body tattoo if she wants to, she has a net worth of at least $33 million.