Michigan teen, Karley Reidzans, say she has endured a case of the hiccups that has gone on for almost two years. After visiting several different doctors, an exact diagnosis has not yet been made.

“We couldn’t say exactly what it is,” one doctor said. “It seems to be some sort of a brain misfire is all we can say right now. There may be something about the way that her body is perceiving certain stimuli.


“It’s pretty much all the time,” said Reidzans, 17, of Zeeland, MI. She’s had the hiccups for almost two years. “They started, and we thought it was funny for the first few days but then after like a month or so my mom took me to the doctor.” h/t wzzm13

“They don’t appear like the typical hiccup that one would expect that goes away after a few minutes,” one doctor concluded. “It’s rare and it can have a lot of different causes, too.”

Reidzans mom, Michelle, is starting to worry that if they don’t find a cure soon her hiccups could jeopardize her daughter’s future.

Typical hiccups are an irritation of the diaphragm from swallowing too much air. Fain says in his 20 years of practicing pediatric neurology, he has never seen a case of the hiccups as severe or as long as Reidzans.