Katie Rich, a writer for Saturday Night Live, is facing severe backlash over a disturbing tweet she wrote about 10-year-old Barron Trump. Now many are calling for NBC to fire the writer.

Rich wrote, “Barron will be the country’s first homeschool shooter,” she tweeted the afternoon of January 20. The comedy writer later deleted the tweet, and set her Twitter account to “private.” Her personal website katierich.com appears to also be a causality as it now reads “We are down for maintenance.”


People all over the world are standing up for the young Trump, while taking their opinions to social media.

Kelsey Newman posted to Facebook:

Seriously. You people are ruthless. Starting fires. Assaulting innocent people. Rioting in the streets. Damaging and destroying business and other people’s property. Promoting violence and hate like I have never seen before. Whatever. Do what makes you feel good. But to go after an innocent 10 year old boy? Really? THAT is what is going to heal your broken heart???? Well guess what. HIS dad is still YOUR president. And no matter what, he is and always will be more wealthy and more successful than you and your apparently perfect children will ever be. h/t heavy

Others are taking to Twitter to express their outrage:

Greta Van Susteren: “How can some people be SO cruel? I have seen mean tweets about Barron Trump..he is a KID! I block all those who are so cruel”

Carolyn Ward: #snl Katie Rich needs to be fired! Bully of children!!

Betsy Bearden: Katie Rich should be fired from SNL for her comment about Barron Trump! He is a 10-year-old child, Katie Rich. Shame on you!

OddThomas: NBC let them know what you think about SNL writer, Katie Rich, harassing Barron Trump on Twitter, (212) 664-2333. demand that she i fired

Troy: In OUR America, you can be forgiven for almost anything, we’re fair, God fearing, Christians. Attacking OUR children is NOT on that list. pic.twitter.com/cENLwvP7bk

@HabuTroy7777777 RT if you believe there should be a call for Katie Rich to be fired both at NBC and SNL.She attacked Baron

Kristi Foulk: RT PLS: Katie Rich should be fired for wreckless & hurtful jokes re Trump’s 10yo son Barron. KIDS ARE OFF LIMITS! #BoycottSNL #FireKatieRich

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