Portsmouth city centre in the United Kingdom was evacuated last night after the discovery of a massive unexploded Second World War bomb.

The 1100 pound bomb was found on the seabed while the harbour was being dredged in preparation for the arrival of royal aircraft carrier, the HMS Queen Elizabeth.


army sea mine on water near the coast

Royal Navy bomb disposal experts began towing the bomb away from the waterfront at midnight. A controlled explosion will then be carried out in open waters around a mile and a half off the coast of the Isle of Wight. Shops and nightclubs were ordered to keep their doors shut as officers from Hampshire Constabulary emptied the streets of Portsmouth by 11pm. Local pubs and bars have also been given curfews ahead of the detonation, which will take place in the early hours of Friday. Ferry services in the area are also awaiting further information as to whether travel will be disrupted. h/t thesun