A little girl, all of 4 years old, was beheaded in a shocking killing that took place outside a Taipei subway station. The suspect has been identified as a 33-year-old surnamed Wang.

The violent crime occurred Monday morning in the Neihu district of Taiwan, when Wang randomly approached the child while she was riding her bicycle, grabbed her and decapitated her with a meat cleaver. Violent crime is extremely rare in Taiwan.


girl beheaded taipei taiwan

The girl’s mother said she was walking just a metre behind her daughter, but was unable to prevent the attack. She told local media that she thought he was trying to help her ride up a hill, but was horrified when he started slashing her with the knife. As the attack occurred, she could only scream for help, while people pinned him down until the police arrived. Local TV was broadcasting footage of the mob gathering outside the police station where Wang was held, and some had brought baseball bats along, in apparent preparation to attack him. h/t mashable

girl beheaded taipei taiwan little

The Central News Agency said Wang had an arrest history for drug crimes and had been treated for mental illness in the past.