The landlord of the apartment that housed the San Bernardino shooters allowed reporters to enter and film the contents.

After removing plywood that was covering the front door, the apartment’s landlord allowed a swarm of local and national media to enter the home of ISIS led terrorists, Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik.


Syed Farook Tashfeen Malik apt 3

It appeared that members of the public were inside the apartment as well. One man lingered holding a large soda. A child was seen wandering throughout the home. Another opened the refrigerator and peered inside. A spokesperson for the FBI office in Los Angeles, which is handling the shooting investigation, seemed shocked when Mashable asked about the scene and if the public was allowed to enter the apartment. “I do not believe so but I can check,” she said. “My understanding is it is still an ongoing investigation. h/t mashable

Syed Farook Tashfeen Malik apt 3

Syed Farook Tashfeen Malik apt 4

Syed Farook Tashfeen Malik apt

Syed Farook Tashfeen Malik apt 1

Does MSNBC realize there might be real world consequences for the folks who are being shown, in conjunction with terrorists, on national TV?