Mark Thompson and Elizabeth Espinosa, who hosted KFI 640’s, Thompson and Espinosa show, are both suddenly looking for new jobs.

The announcement came as the duo were in the final minutes of Friday’s broadcast. No official reason has yet been offered for the quick exit.


what happened to Thompson and Espinosa

Some KFI listeners were left stunned by the news, while others welcomed the change, “So, I barely caught the last couple minutes of Thompson and Espinosa’s show today and all I heard was there goodbyes and didn’t catch,”why” If anyone reading this knows, would you please be so kind as to take a moment to share? Like, Fired because they F’d up somehow, or because of suckie ratings, or what??? I need to know! That’s ALL I do, 24/7 is KFI RADIO, and I missed this one! Can’t believe it. Why?”

“I caught the last couple of minutes as well but missed the part where they said it was the last show. It did take a while to get used to the show but once I did I really liked it. They kept things moving, didn’t dwell, didn’t sit on a topic too long. I’m in and out of the car a lot this time of day so long segments don’t work. Thanks for a great show, I hope they change their mind and bring them back like they did with John and Ken.”

“Yay!! No more Thompson and Espinosa..!
That show was the worst..!!
Now I won’t have to change the station in the afternoon and then change it back for John and Ken…
Love me some Shannon Farren…”

“Liked Thompson . . . Couldnt stand Espinosa . . . She was SO not a KFI personality. Stopped listenining after Bill Carroll until John and Ken at 3…now i can have entertainment again!! Yay Shannen and Gary! This is just too perfect…all the best KFI people from the minute I wake up until the minute I get home . . . So happy!”

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It is unknown what’s next for Espinosa, while Thompson will continue his Tuesday appearances on Tim Conway Jr.’s evening show.

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