Disney Pixar has a big hit on their hands with new animated flick, Inside Out, but a father is upset with one of the film’s spawned merchandise, the Sadness doll. The dad thinks the doll, who speaks several pre-recorded messages, may be encouraging suicidal thoughts and depression in young children and possibly in fragile adults alike.

Andrew Smith, 34, purchased the talking Sadness doll for his daughter, Reagan, 11, out of a collection of five which includes, Anger, Joy, Disgust, and Fear.


disney sadness doll suicide

After bringing the doll home, Smith was not happy with the “suicidal comments” that Sadness was spewing. Here are just a few of the quotes that the doll from Inside Out says.

“Goodbye friendship, hello loneliness.”

“I’m in an emotional slump… my legs don’t work. Give me an hour.”

“Crying makes me slow down and obsess over the weight of life’s problems.”disney sadness doll suicide 7
Andrew Smith is a student in psychology at the University of Highlands and Islands. Over the past year, he has been studying numerous subjects and cases in psychology, so he wasn’t too fond of buying a doll named Sadness for his daughter.

“I didn’t think it was a terribly good idea for mental well-being but then I thought because it was Disney, ‘what’s the harm?’

“It turned out I was very very wrong.” h/t inquisitr


Upon turning on the doll and getting her to speak, there were a number of generic phrases, but Smith believes the others are “crazy messages for young children.” He didn’t like the “slow, depressed, melancholic tone” of Sadness and thought it was too much even for adults.