NYC is mirroring an offensive against street performers that started in, of all places, Las Vegas.

Early in 2014, Cops working the beat at Las Vegas’ Fremont Street Experience, started cracking down on their version of street performers with tactics, crafted by the city council, that local news cited, defied the law.


spiderman wrongly arrested NYC

Cut and fade to, two Metro Las Vegas cops getting shot dead inside a stripmall eatery. The folks killing them, disgruntled street performers, a little reported fact.

Now police are cracking down on Times Square’s costumed performers..

Over the weekend police engaged with a Spider-Man who then punched an NYPD officer — while yelling something about, his rights..

TheNewYorkPost, reported it this way,

“They’re like little terrorists preying on all the tourists,” a disgusted law-enforcement source said of the pushy panhandlers.

Cops got tough after Junior Bishop, dressed as Spider-Man, allegedly flew into a violent rage when rookie cop Eduardo Molina confronted him about charging tourists a whopping $10 per picture Saturday.Titus Gandy known as the "Black Naked Cowboy" performed for tourists in Times Square.

The Naked Black Cowboy, whose real name is Titus Gandy, was busted when he showed up at the Midtown South Precinct to check on his buddy Bishop, sources said.

The skivvy-wearing character was nabbed on an open warrant — and charged with drug possession after cocaine was found in his wallet during a frisk, sources said.


Four other characters also were collared in a Times Square sweep Saturday night, including Captain America, Jessie the cowgirl from “Toy Story’’ and another Spider-Man, sources said.“I think the police are great,” Gandy said. “They haven’t done anything to me. I like to keep to myself and do my job.”

These performers may not be the world’s most savory citizens, but at least they are working for a living, and not mugging folks at gunpoint, although, in order to survive, they will have to resort to something else, or worse.