ISIS Posts Creditable Daunting Warning For Times Square

NYPD Police Commissioner Bill Bratton is speaking out on what he is calling a serious threat made by ISIS warning that the terror group is targeting Times Square for a future attack.

The terrorist group made the daunting threats on an online message board.


ISIS put out messages to recruit “individual wolves in America” to initiate attacks on the famous spot, writing, “Times Square is considered one of the most important and famous tourist attractions in the city.” Continue reading


NYC is mirroring an offensive against street performers that started in, of all places, Las Vegas.

Early in 2014, Cops working the beat at Las Vegas’ Fremont Street Experience, started cracking down on their version of street performers with tactics, crafted by the city council, that local news cited, defied the law.

spiderman wrongly arrested NYC

Cut and fade to, two Metro Las Vegas cops getting shot dead inside a stripmall eatery. The folks killing them, disgruntled street performers, a little reported fact.

Now police are cracking down on Times Square’s costumed performers.. Continue reading

Zach Braff PHOTOBOMBS Wedding Couple’s Big Picture

Zach Braff swapped his red carpet photobombing antics for a couple of newlywed in NYC’s Times Square!

Braff was randomly crossing the street when he noticed a newlywed bride and groom kissing for their big photo! The quick thinking prankster turned his head at the exact moment making this a wedding shot truly unforgettable!

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Guy Fieri’s American Kitchen Restaurant Website HACKED?

This can’t be real… Or can it? Most already know that Guy Fieri’s American Kitchen and Bar, located in Times Square, is kinda a joke — but are you kidding me? “Guy’s Big Balls?” With, “Signature cream sauce” YUCK! I would say that Guy has definitely been the victim of a hacking. Here’s the menu as posted on the restaurant’s website!

Thanks for sending this one in guys!
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