Who Is Carol Coronado? And Why Did She Kill Her Kids?

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Carol Coronado, 30, is the California mother who was arrested Tuesday after killing her three young daughters, as her husband worked in the front yard.


Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies responded to Coronado’s home in a Los Angeles suburb of Carson after shocked and sadden family reported the murders.


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Deputies found three girls, a 3-year-old, 2-year-old and 2-month-old. They were pronounced dead at the scene.

Coronado was taken into custody and booked on suspicion of murder and placed in a psych ward of a local hospital.

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  • Adrish Banerjee

    Democrats love abortion so she can now run for office as a Democrat.

  • fracasoTotal

    Mother of 8 I hope none of your children go through what this Young Women is going through.

  • Did mental illness play a part in the murders? Prior to the murders Coronado called mother complaining she was going crazy…whilst others have wondered if postpartum depression may have played a part?


  • Vanessa

    I agree with you, My eyes filled with tears for these 3 innocent angels, my heart aches so bad, I cant even focus at work, I have 4 babies of my own and I love them unconditionally even when they are bad. Kids will be Kids mothers are to be there to love them regardless, not hurt them! ugh so heartbroken Love you lil angels although I dont know who you were my heart aches for your family and you 3 angels, who are now at peace in heaven with our father, god.

  • Mother of Eight

    Do NOT call this crazy Bitch a mother.
    Carol Coronado is a Fkn. Monster.
    There are not enough names to call her.
    So she ws put in a local hospital for Psych
    Dah!,, This fkn crazy bitch kills her 3, three precious baby girls
    Where she belongs is in a prison filled with MEN that re serving LIFE for Nurder, strip her down and
    and tos her in with them.
    So Sad , Sweet Babies are a gift to be loved and cared for..
    I can not say anything more, crying my heart out for these 3 three lil Angels.