It’s been going on for as long as movies have been around, older actors enlisted to play much younger folks..

Matt Damon who played Scott Thorson


First off we find Matt Damon who famously played Scott Thorson in Behind the Candelabra. Scott’s approximate age in Behind the Candelabra: 17, Matt’s real age at the time of filming: 42.

Matt Lanter who stars as Roman on Star Crossed. Roman’s approximate age on Star Crossed: 16, Matt’s real age: 30.

Matt Lanter

Bianca Lawson as Maya St. Germain on Pretty Little Liars.
Maya’s approximate age on Pretty Little Liars: 17, Bianca’s age at the time: 34.

Bianca Lawson

Melissa Benoist plays Marley Rose on Glee. Marley’s approximate age on Glee: 16, Melissa’s real age: 25.


Paul Wesley as Stefan Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries. Stefan’s approximate age on The Vampire Diaries: 17, Paul’s real age: 31.

Paul Wesley

Way to go actors! If you got it, flaunt it!