Jenny McCarthy is officially debuting LIVE on the 17th season of The View, this morning, Monday at 10 a.m. PST time on ABC.1373659706_sjw237774_-donnie-wahlberg-jenny-mccarthy-467

Rumors are the actress with be towing along boyfriend Donnie Wahlberg, (NKOTB,) to join her and Barbara Walters..


“Holy crap,” McCarthy wrote. “People keep asking me if I’m nervous. I have to be honest — not yet. Usually my nerves are more excitement-based, but I have a feeling I will be running into the bathroom at least a few times an hour before we go live on Monday.”She and Wahlberg, a New Kids on the Block singer, have been a couple since July.

“My sole mission while co-hosting The View is to inspire, entertain and engage in conversations that matter to the viewers,” “I have no personal agenda other than to spiritually grow from the life experiences that come with this job.”

McCarthy, believes her son Evan, who is autistic, was stricken with the condition after receiving a flu vaccine..