World’s BEST Negative Review EVER! Melissa McCarthy TAMMY

Melissa McCarthy‘s self-written “Tammy” hits movies theaters this Fourth of July weekend. And while the holiday is all about fireworks, Tammy is all about bombing..

One of the best negative reviews you will ever read period was penned by vintage movie critic, Rex Reed, soon after he sat through McCarthy’s first self-produced venture.

rex reed vintage youth
Here is Reed’s Tammy review in its entirety,

(0/4 stars)

Written by: Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone
Directed by: Ben Falcone
Starring: Melissa McCarthy, Susan Sarandon and Kathy Bates
Running time: 96 min.

The good news is that Tammy is not a crappy remake of the 1957 Tammy movie with Debbie Reynolds that spawned three sequels and a TV comedy series. The bad news is that this one is much worse. It’s a desperate and brainless vehicle for Melissa McCarthy, which she wrote herself, with her husband, Ben Falcone, who also directed, with all the efficiency and verve of an abandoned Volkswagen on the Jersey Turnpike. Continue reading

Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy Call It Quits

Another Hollywood relationship bites the dust. This time it’s Jim Carey and Jenny McCarthy ending their relationship of five years, but hey, in tinsel town that is a good amount of time.

In true Hollywood fashion, Carey announced the breakup on his Twitter, tweeting, “Jenny and I have just ended our 5yr relationship. I’m grateful 4 the many blessings we’ve shared and I wish her the very best! S’okay!?” While McCarthy confirmed, “Yes, we can confirm that Jenny and Jim have mutually and amicably ended their five-year relationship.” Jenny says, “I’m so grateful for the years Jim and I shared together. I will continue to be in his daughter’s life and will always keep Jim as a leading man in my heart.”