What a big bully! Millionaire Melissa McCarthy is directing a new film called “Tammy,” when she became enraged with an extra, a single mother who was on-set with her young child. The child was being unruly due to an ear infection, and mom was trying to earn a meager $58 to pay for the child’s meds..



But the too-big-for-her-britches “Bridesmaids” star FIRED the woman over the child’s on-set pain fueled interruptions. Sending the woman and her sick child away in a heap, empty handed! And LESS the money it took for her to arrive on set..

Millionaire McCarthy claimed the woman was ABUSING her child! But the woman was struggeling to keep her sick child quiet PER MCCARTHY’S ORDERS!

McCarthy, who plays Molly on TV sitcom Molly and Mike, just up and FIRED the underprivileged 20-year-old, not offering to even FEED THE PAIR! She was later spotted in tears waiting for a bus! WHAT A HEARTLESS BITCH!

The extra, a woman in her 20s, brought along her child — age approximately 4-5 — for the daylong shoot by a lake … and the standard $58 payday … sources tell TMZ. Witnesses say the young mom had been struggling with her kid all morning … constantly harping on the child to “stop it” and quiet down … loudly enough to disrupt the production, which included more than 200 extras. The woman’s identity was not disclosed. Reps for McCarthy had no immediate comment. TMZ.