Talia Castellano proudly sported a bald head after losing her hair as a result of chemotherapy, choosing to experiment with make-up instead to boost her self-confidence….



Castellano, who died Tuesday at age 13, was affectionately called a “professional, YouTube Makeup Guru.” She began to experiment with makeup after cancer treatment claimed her hair. She posted makeup tutorials on YouTube, garnering more than 8 million views for one video and more than 750,000 followers for her channel.

The teenage makeup artist dreamed of meeting talk show host and CoverGirl, Ellen DeGeneres, and doing her makeup. And when DeGeneres had Castellano on her show in September 2012 she got to do not only that, but was also named an “honorary CoverGirl” herself.

We could all learn from this extraordinary and brave child. She fought her illness ’till the last day… she never gave up! So much strength in this small teenage girl!

R.I.P Talia