$350,000 LAMBORGHINI TO BE CUBED Over Unpaid Insurance



The millionaire boy racers are back and theyÌre already behaving badly after this outrageous GBP350,000 Lamborghini was impounded. See SWNS story SWLAMBO. Wealthy playboys from the Middle-East descend on London every summer in their supercars. And the Arab owner of this purple Lamborghini Aventador, understood to be a member of QatarÌs ruling Al-Thani family, has fallen foul of the law. The 24-year-old, who only arrived in the country on Tuesday, was pulled over by officers on Wednesday evening on Brompton Street in Knightsbridge for not having a front registration plate. When officers spoke to him at the road, they found he couldnÌt prove he had a driving license or insurance and the car was impounded.

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