UPDATE: It turns out, Masterminds, the new movie starring Tila Tequila and Nick Hogan, may not be all that awful after all.. It could be just a case of a really bad quality trailer. Now mind you, I have not yet seen the entire movie. I did receive a tweet from Tequila’s people urging me to go BUY a copy and watch it, which I consider, strike two.. The production didn’t allot any copies or at least online showings for the press?

Here’s an example of a good quality trailer, and I only say this because I personally cut the following trailer. I edited this on my laptop for my buddies. Their movie is called, Bad Blood, The Hunger.. On another note, a few of the kids that starred this movie are actually becoming pretty famous. Minka Kelly being one..


Now check out the quality of Tequila and Hogan’s new trailer.. Note, I’m not talking about acting or the hairstyles or even the writing, I’m talking about the quality, as in, film quality.

UPDATED ABOVE: What does the actress expect us to say? That it looks great? It looks terrible! The lighting is awful! Either that or there was a problem in the editing of the trailer..

Talk about your garden variety amateur production only X10 worse! Nick Hogan and Tila Tequila playing opposites attract in a new movie called, “Masterminds.” You may want to get your tickets early for this epic tale, not..

hogan tila masterminds

Since when was the Nick Hogan known as “Little Hulk?”

tila masterminds

I think my 1984 home movies of Christmas had better lighting than this movie.

nick hogan masterminds

If this trailer is any indication of what this movie is like, I think I have to wash my socks that day and then refuel my gasoline powered turtleneck sweater.