Our friends over at Perez Hilton.com report Lindsay Lohan in fact invited a seedy male friend visit her at the Betty Ford clinic, all in an effort to smuggle her in drugs.



The dudes has already been outted as a drug addict and now he’s trying to get access to Lindsay – which could only spell one thing – trouble.

And when I first heard this news I assumed Hilton was saying Lindsay was trying to score some Adderall, but he claims she is going actually going for the stronger stuff.

We’ve heard the starlet is going crazy without her Adderall, but it seems she could be craving something a little more potent as new reports claim the former child star invited her old friend/drug dealer to visit her at Betty Ford.


One source alleges:

“Lindsay advised Betty Ford that she wanted to invite a male friend, whom it’s known she partied with for years and had provided drugs to her, including cocaine. He is a very, very, bad influence on her. Lindsay’s treatment team told her in no uncertain terms that she needs to sever her relationship with him once she leaves rehab, if she is to overcome her addictions.”

Fortunately, for obvious reasons, this individual was NOT allowed to visit the rehab facility.

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