A popular Japanese chef has been killed over a meal while on the German holiday island of Sylt! Chef, Miki Nozawa, known for his amazing fried noodle dishes got into a dispute with two guests after they complained to him about the foul taste of one of his signature entries!



The customer comments caused an altercation which later spiraled out of control at a local club, leading to Nozawa suffering serious and fatal injuries! He was rushed to an intensive care unit at a local hospital, but sadly he didn’t make it!

Despite the medical team’s best efforts, the 57 year old chef died from his injuries. An autopsy is now being conducting to determine the exact cause of death, authorities have said on Tuesday. Local police have identified two suspects in the incident, and are currently hunting a 36 and 50 year old. source.

The news has saddened and stunned locals residents many of which stated the chef was among the best.

German police said, the two customers verbally assaulted the chef and then left the restaurant without paying, later meeting him at a local table dancing bar, and that’s when the chef was said to have taken a blow to the head.

The chef was known to be a specialist in Japanese-Italian fusion food.