There is a fantastic expose into the abuse of Adderall on gawker today that may unintentionally cover what Lindsay Lohan is to expect as she enters 90 days of rehab. The big question remains, as part of her treatment, will Lohan be forced to stop taking the dangerous stimulants? Because after-all, it is issued legally, in most cases by a psychiatrist. Then she may be allowed to take more drugs, like the overly prescribed Klonopin to allow the actress to catch her Zzzs.

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This capsulizes the truly sick nature in the double standard of drug abuse in America today. When it comes to prescribing drugs for ADHD, no one is safe..

There was a 17 percent increase in ADHD prescriptions between 2010 and 2011. Now, one in five high school boys are diagnosed with ADHD. In 2011, 57 million prescriptions were filled for anti-psychotics, a scary class of psycho-pharmaceuticals that have been called “chemical lobotomies”, but which are increasingly used to treat depression (even though there’s very little evidence they work to treat depression). Over the last two decades, antidepressant use has spiked by 400 percent. One in five American women are currently on an antidepressant.

Lohan is not the only Hollywood celebrity with an Adderall problem, let me just tell you, it is an absolute epidemic in glitterville and it’s just not the Adderall abuse that’s the problem, it’s the drugs and the drinking you need to do in order to come off the drug and get your desperately needed beauty sleep.

Of course, beyond the buzz was something dangerous. Pain lurked right underneath the surface of my supposed OK-ness. As each pill started to wear off, I’d feel an immense, crushing sadness. It was part normal amphetamine withdrawal, and part realization that I hated my life.

I urge you to read this story on gawker.