Just when we had all come to the conclusion that it’s not the meat, it’s the motion, along comes a new study indicating that penis size does indeed matter, at least when it comes getting a woman off.

Dust off your yardstick because Scottish psychologists have concluded that in order for a man to bring a woman’s to her full arousal he must pack of penis of at least, drumroll please, 5.8 inches.


 NEW STUDY: Minimum Penis Size It Takes To Satisfy A Woman...

“This might be due to greater ability of a longer penis to stimulate the entire length of the vagina and the cervix,” researcher discovered.

Turns out that women who have sex with well-endowed partners have the most intense vaginal orgasms while women who have sex with not-so-well-endowed partners get the shaft.

researchers added, “Male anxiety about penis size may not reflect internalized, culturally arbitrary masculine stereotypes but an accurate appreciation that size matters to many women.”

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