It’s called a Pacu fish and it can weigh as much as 55 pounds and until recently only lived in remote parts of the world, that is, until today. This toothy character was found in Lake Lou Yaeger in Illinois! Experts say someone may have dumped the fish in the lake from a home aquarium and they began to breed. OK! Cancel my swimming day!

So what’s so special about this fish? Are you crazy? Look at his teeth! The fish was caught by a fisherman who thought he had caught a piranha. Biologists have said that the pacu is known to go after, as in “bite” the testicles of male swimmers, a bite that can result in great injury.


A British fisherman, said that pacu is known as the ‘ball cutter,’ and that in 2011 two fisherman died from blood loss after a pacu bit their testicles in the water.

“This thing was like a human in the water, biting at the testicles of fishermen,” the Brit said.

30 thoughts on “Amazing Fish With Human Teeth Feasts On Male Testicles! Discovered In Illinois Lake”
  1. NOPE they are not photoshopped. I've seen pictures of this type of fish before MANY different pictures, and laughed out loud looking at it's funny humanish teeth and 'fat lips'.

    here is a scientific image of the jaws & teeth from a specimen

    here's another photo

    IT'S CALLED A SHEEPSHEAD and/or Archosargus probatocephalus

  2. It's probably for the best you don't go there. It's either methheads, FIBers, or assholes. Mostly.

  3. You'd think so but if you google the species, you'll find a few other photos of this fish. Not all of them have teeth like this but many of the photos are similar human like teeth.

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