on December 27, 2011

Kardashian Fails To Lift Sears Announces 100 Store Closing

Sears took a big gamble on the Kardashian brand clothing line in hopes the reality stars‘ duds would lift holiday sales but they came up big losers, so much so Sears Holdings Corp said it plans to close 100 or more Sears and Kmart stores citing a poor holiday season. I called my local Sears curious to learn first hand if the Kardashian Clothing had been selling, the gal who answered said “not so good” enough said.

on December 27, 2011
on December 26, 2011
on December 26, 2011

Actress Turns Pot Dealer – Blair Witch Project Tell All Book

This might be the best story of the year Heather Donahue, the actress known for her role in the movie “The Blair Witch Project“. Yeah remember that one? Well, it seems like life after that movie was hard for her.

In her new book she wrote titled, “Growgirl: How My Life After ‘The Blair Witch Project’ Went to Pot”, she said she started to sell pot after she got fed up with her acting career. She said, “I took all my stuff into the desert related to my acting career and burned it all.”

A brief summary of Growgirl is that ‘after Donahue was done with the acting scene, she then met a man who came from a pot community in Northern California called “Nuggettown”, where growing weed is common’. Then Donahue says she ‘grew weed and sold it, but then retired from it after about a year in the business‘.

Now that is epic. You go from being an actor, to being a drug dealer- this is something straight out of a movie. But really, she said she was fed up with her acting career but she never really had an acting career to begin with.

A great movie could be formulated from this! It would be about a girl who hunts for witches in the woods, then later becomes a drug dealer hoping to forgot about her past, by getting high and selling Mary Jane.

It has blockbuster written all over it- tell me you won’t pay to see that.

Donahue did not say what she is currently doing, other than putting out a book.

by Lisa Mason Lee
on December 26, 2011
on December 25, 2011

Lil Wayne Facts

How tall Lil Wayne?
5 feet and 5.5 inches is the height of Lil Wayne.

When Was Lil Wayne Born and what is his real name?
Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr., better known by his stage name Lil Wayne was born on September 27, 1982.

How old is lil wayne?
Lil Wayne also known as Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. the American rapper was born on September 27th 1982 and is turning 29 this year.

What Is Lil Wayne Famous For?
Rapper Lil Wayne is known for his next-generation mix of whimsy and menace — what the Baltimore City Paper called a “gravelly, giggly idiot-savant patter”.

Who Is Lil Wayne’S Father?
Lil Wayne refers to Birdman as his daddy as his own daddy died when he was little.

by Lisa Mason Lee
on December 25, 2011

New Tom Hanks Movie Sparking 9/11 Flashbacks

The Tribute WTC Visitor Center, put out a warning for Tom Hanks‘ new movie “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close”, telling potential viewers that it may induce 9/11 flashbacks.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (film)

Image via Wikipedia

The film contains intense images that could trigger 9/11 flashbacks, and the ‘Tribute’ group felt it was necessary to warn people to prepare themselves mentally before deciding whether to see the film. Continue reading

on December 25, 2011

Awesome Celebrity Siblings

The awesome thing about being a celebrity is that you pretty much get what you want when you want… but does that go for their unknown family members too? In the case of some of the star’s siblings listed below, you wouldn’t know some of them were related!  – First up is Lady Gaga’s beautiful and younger sister Natali Germanotta.

Rihanna’s brothers Rorrey & Rajad.

Katy Perry’s older sister and younger brother.

Britney Spears‘ older brother Bryan

Michelle Trachtenberg’s older sister Irene.

Rupert Grint’s younger brother James.

Christina’s half-brother Mikey Kearns.

Matthew & Michelle Lavigne, older brother & younger sister of Avril Lavigne.

Keira Knightley’s older brother Kaleb.

Taylor Swift’s younger brother Austin.

Kristi Fox is Megan Fox’s older sister. She is 34 years old and works as a guidance counselor at Fort Pierce Central High School.


on December 25, 2011

Jerry McGuire Sought By Police Literally!

Now this is right out of Jerry McGuire 2, the sequel! The guy who inspired Tom Cruise‘ character in Jerry McGuire is on the lamb! That’s right, a bench warrant has been issued for the arrest of Leigh Steinberg.

English: Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainmen...


Where the movie left off, Steinberg went on to represent the likes of Oscar de la Hoya, Troy Aikman, and Steve Young but now he has literally fallen off the map.

Apparently the warrant was issued because Steinberg failed to show for proceedings regarding a case filed against him by a So Cal company who is claiming he took them for over $1 million.

The last time anyone heard from Steinberg was last Monday when he sent out a Tweet about the Lakers and Clippers matchup.

on December 24, 2011

Trump Ditches Republican Party

According to ABC News, “Donald Trump is officially a man without a party.”

ABC News writer Michael Falcone reports that Trump is switching his party affiliation from Republican to “unaffiliated”.

According to their unidentified human ‘source’, Trump did so because “he is ‘disgusted’ with the way Republicans are handling matters in Washington, including the recent payroll tax cut deal.

Falcone added, “But the move also sets Trump up for a potential third-party run for president — a possibility he began talking about almost as soon as he told his fans in May he wasn’t running.”