Whilst Britney’s old crotch crew is getting back to their old ways, she’s in Hawaii on a peaceful vacation with her nice boyfriend Jason Trawick. She’s come such a long way since the old Hollywood gang-Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, dragged Britney into their raunchy scene!

I know you remember those days! How can we forget!? Back in November 2006, Britney lost control and wound up with those bad girls, and next thing you know, Britney was following Paris’ bad orders to show her crotch while exiting the car! We know it was Paris’ evil idea! The picture says it all!


Finally, after these past few hectic years, Britney is now on the train of happiness and everything is going great for her! The last thing she needs is a revisited night out with the Hollywood Jailbird Club! Paris just got busted in Vegas for possession of cocaine this weekend, Lindsay just got released from jail-then rehab…and these girls don’t really give a darn. Inside sources close to Paris say that she is “shrugging off” her cocaine possession arrest. She doesn’t care because she’s got the money, lawyer and famous name to get off easy! Lindsay had just been locked away in her jail and rehab combo for over 35 days-and she’s out with her old cronies smoking cigarettes and who knows what, hanging at her old haunt-The Chateau Marmont in Hollywood!

Britney’s boyfriend Jason, and even Britney’s Dad Jamie, who has a conservatorship over her still, needs to keep a close eye on her-especially NOW! Britney has a fresh new album coming out soon, an episode of Glee that she is starring in and probably a tour on the way. There is no time to get involved with the bad girls club again!