Britney Spears has been on a wild roller coaster ride in life since she was a little girl. She has had so many extreme ups and downs as we all know, and we get to wondering if she will ever gain control and get on the train to real happiness.

Since Britney recently signed onto the show “Glee”, where Britney will be playing herself and other actors will be playing “Britney Spears”, I think the real Britney has somehow found an all new peace in her life!  Britney has been able to observe and be involved in this episode of Glee, which is all about the beginning of Britney’s career up to present day. I think because of the show’s premise, Britney is finally seeing herself for the first time. Britney has had a hard time with seeing herself because she’s always at the top. When you’re at the top, there is nothing to view above you or in front of you, because you are at the top. It’s like Glee is replaying Britney’s life right before her eyes, and the real Britney is finally understanding who she is! She’s able to take one step down, let the actors portray her life, and now Britney can see what her life has been all of these years. Hey, and she’s got to feel good about Glee making a whole episode dedicated to the life of “Britney Spears”.


After the Glee shoot, I’ve been noticing Britney’s all new happiness in her recent photos. Before Britney worked on Glee, she was looking lifeless and confused-for many years! Since Britney started working on Glee a couple weeks ago and up to now, her eyes look back to life and happy! Oh and not to mention, she been making out with her boyfriend Jason Trawick like no tomorrow! They have been having a romantic vacation in Hawaii. She’s definitely happy now.