Marietta, Ga. – The good news is these kids are in protective services and will likely never be returned to their parents, the bad news is they lived their entire young lives guarded by the super-evil duo.

When cops arrived at the home of James and Anne Cardona, they were investigating a domestic dispute, however, what they found is worthy of a horror movie. Two girls ages 4 and 5, living in such extreme filth cops considered calling HAZMAT.


The 5-year-old, weighing in at 160 pounds, was covered in spider, flea bites and head lice so prolific, you could see them while standing over the child. The young girl’s teeth were also in a severe stage of rot.

The 4-year-old was in a similar condition, Lying on a filthy bed, wearing a dirty diaper, drinking from a baby bottle.

Investigators noted in their report a large number of roaches, fleas and cobwebs that were home to “gigantic spiders.” The bathroom was covered in black mold.
Kids Found Living in House of Horrors

The children had difficulty standing to their feet and could not walk several feet with out becoming exhausted.

The kids had never been enrolled into any school.

Needless to say, the pathetic parents were arrested and both were charged with second-degree child cruelty, later they were released on bond, then mom was rearrested for providing false information to authorities, she remains in custody with no bond.