It was Michael Lohan’s Twitter Tweets today claiming his daughter, Lindsay, in fact has Aids! and that record company honcho Tommy Mottola was the one who infected Lindsay with the virus when she was just 17 years-old.

Hold the phone. Then Michael quickly spoke to several online tabloids claiming that his Twitter account had been hacked, and he did not tweet any such things about Lindsay, however, has learned from a very reliable source, papa Lohan may in fact be the one who posted the Tweets!


The Tweets came just a day after Lindsay stood her dad up for a widely publicized meeting he tried to arrange, however, could being stood-up be the catalyst for Michael to post such horrible rumors about his own daughter? Our source told us this, “Michael is a loose cannon, everyone knows that, he woke up pissed about Lindsay going to lunch instead of meeting him and he just lost it, I don’t know if Lindsay has aids or not, but I do know, Michael, as much as a loon he is, would not lie about something like that. After he had his coffee he probably realized it was a bad idea to air such personal things about his daughter, so like, that’s where the hacker story came in to play.”

We asked our source how they could be so sure Michael Lohan posted the tweets, “It’s called an IP address, the internet’s fingerprint. you know, the same IP that is broadcast down your entire street via your wireless airport.”

We hope this is news ends up NOT being true, but let’s face it, it would explain a lot.

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