The stunning, pregnant Ellen Pompeo should be untouchable. She’s got it all. Fantastic career. Amazing complexion. Cute style. A baby bump the size of a watermelon. Unfortunately, even the most flawless wife is powerless when it comes to her husband’s mid-life crisis. This disease usually comes into the couple’s lives around the man’s 40th year on earth. It manifests itself through “intimate” time spent in the arms of a younger woman far inferior to his present partner.


According to Star Magazine, Chris Ivery’s choice for his mid-life romp was a 19 year old hostess from Boston named Rachel Artz.

An insider said:

“Chris often took calls from Ellen in front of Rachel and talked about their baby-to-be… He didn’t seem to like Ellen much when he talked about her. He made her seem like a diva.”

Rachel, a hard nut to crack, didn’t give it up until Chris promised to make her a star. Stay tuned to see whether he makes good on it.