Scott Weiland unveiled his new clothing line (conceived of in collaboration with English Laundry) at the legendary Roxy in Hollywood last night.  Arriving on the scene fashionably late, Weiland sported a well-tailored, light, three-piece suit and a black eye that he hid from view behind a pair of sunglasses.  With much encouragement, he removed his shades and sheepishly revealed a maroon-ish shiner. With only a brief moment of discomfort, everyone glossed over the matter.  It’s all just a part of the rock and roll lifestyle and made his entrance far more chic.

Weiland’s band, along with DJ Brent Bolthouse, set the tone for the evening.  Bolthouse spun old and new electro, while Scott belted out his good, old, grimy rock vocals with support from his bandmates. Too bad all of Los Angeles is too afraid to get down, because a great dance off could’ve been inspired by the sounds.


For English Laundry, Weiland’s redesigned classic pieces (dress shirts, ties and trousers). He utilized unique prints and graphic designs to create suits and single pieces that the most righteous Los Angeles rocker would sport on a daily basis. Since English Laundry is such a limit pushing label, Weiland determined that women would wear the clothes on the catwalk to do the styles justice.  Although it was a tad distracting, the sexy women were effective models. They strut down the runway in men’s shirts, fishnets, heels and made lewd hand motions (the ultimate hetero male’s dream!) Photographers and middle aged men gazed up adoringly from the foot of the stage.  I can’t be certain, but I am pretty sure one of them shed a tear.

Aside from scantily clad women and a bit of rock sounds, the evening was tame, yet effective. Mild, but interesting.  A slightly less-debaucherous night than one would like to have at the Roxy, the “English Laundry by Scott Weiland” event was succesful in terms of getting men to want to purchase the line. The only problem is that they might be dissapointed if they don’t get the girls along with it.