Michael Jackson Children Picture Tells a Million Words

It’s a rap; Michael Jackson is finally laid to rest. I am prepared to let it go and have avoided covering the funeral on these pages because I felt it was the family’s desire to say goodbye to Michael with as much privacy as possible, while still recognizing the great interest the world had for the final curtain call for the King of Pop.

I decided to write this footnote after seeing this picture of Michael’s kids asleep in a vehicle used to carry them to several of the functions that day.


To me, this picture puts a cap on the months of emotion we have all experienced since Michael’s passing.
Goodbye Michael, I did all I could to honor you while you made your great transition to the other side, to the light. Now the time has come for all of us, the living, to try and pick up the pieces and move on. It won’t be easy, however, we will always have your music to continue to be the soundtrack of our lives.