Simon Cowell Idol “Different” Now Paula Abdul is Gone

Where were Paula Abdul’s friends when she needed them most? After all, if her fellow judges would have stood up for her, maybe she would still be a part of the American Idol family, but no.

Out of all the judges, Simon Cowell could have stepped up to object to the hardball tactics Abdul received compliments of Idol producers, but no. Even though Abdul and Cowell were once boyfriend and girlfriend, when it came to wielding some of his great clout, Cowell opted to not “get in the middle” as he said recently in an interview with Extra.


Cowell did manage to say something in Abdul’s defense albeit cryptic, stating that “American Idol is different without Paula Abdul.” Cowell alluded that the chemistry was “different” however he added the disclaimer, ”It’s like comparing a carrot to a banana, they are different.”

Let’s face it, show business is very cutthroat, so when it came time for Randy Jackson, Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell to band together to throw Abdul a lifeline, collectively they did nothing. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

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