For Sale on eBay: Robert Pattinson’s Snot

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robert pattinson shower curtain you know you want it For Sale on eBay: Robert Pattinsons Snot

Well if you’ve ever dreamt about having Twilight’s Robert Pattinsonin your bathroom, now you can! Check out this fly accessory for your shower! The following is only a few of over 1500 Pattinson related products selling on eBay’s online auction website.

dsp pa221236 For Sale on eBay: Robert Pattinsons Snot


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Among other items for sale are a bottle cap necklace emblazoned with Pattinson’s soda pop mug and a thoroughly used tissue, you heard right, a snotty Kleenex apparently chalk full of mucus compliments of the Twilight movie star.

The seller notes, “Hey All You Twilight and Robert Pattinson Fans Ladies out there do you loooove Robert Pattinson? Do you want him? Well I Cant Give you Robert Pattinson but i can sell you a tissue he used a couple days ago! Want Some Of Your Own Pattinson? Well nows your chance! My Brother In-Law Is Currently Working on the Eclipse Set in Vancouver and he managed to snag me some tissues Mr. Pattinson happened to use while on set, i guess he’s gotten a little cold :( So Ladies nows your chance to own a wonderful item of your man ! Bid Now! Its Worth it.”

Now at the time this story was published, there were no bids for the used tissue. The seller has the starting bid for the pampered paper product at a paltry $3.00. The authenticity is also in serious question with eBay showing the item location as Haiku, Hawaii. This guy wants us to believe his brother sent him a Kleenex from Vancouver Canada all the way to Hawaii? I think this dude’s brother-in-law is playing a joke on him, matter of fact, I don’t think that’s snot.

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