Megan Fox is NOT Catwoman

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Can we just discuss this and get it over with?  Rumors are running rampant right now claiming that Megan Fox has been signed and cast as Catwoman in Christopher Nolan’s next Batman film.  This is a lot of bull.

Firstly, Nolan isn’t even signed to direct a third Batman film yet.  Sure, he probably will but nothing has been inked at this time.  That means that a script hasn’t even been started.  There’s no story, therefore there is no Catwoman.  Therefore…well, you get it.   Also, Megan Fox is a bit too young for Christian Bale.  Being a massive Batman fan (seriously, it’s kind of sad), I can tell you that Selina Kyle, a.k.a. Catwoman, has to be the approximate age of Bruce Wayne, hence their bizarre on-again/off-again relationship.

Rumors about the third Batman film have been spreading like the plague this year.  Remember when Shia LaBeouf was supposedly signed on to play Robin?  Or how about when Eddie Murphy was cast as The Riddler?  These rumors are just that and there’s nothing to them.  They generate traffic to websites and it’s always fun to fantasy-cast but it’s kind of silly at this point.  We’ve still got some time before any official announcement about the third Bat-film is made.  At that time, let the speculation begin.  For the time being, don’t trust any of it.


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