Corey Feldman Tried To Warn Everyone About Dirty Hollywood But No One Would Listen

Corey Feldman tried to warn everyone,” is the name of the viral Youtube video that gives the child star a little credit for trying to out dirty Hollywood months before the Harvey Weinstein saga.

Youtube user, Dolemite, summed it up this way, “Corey tried to tell us but they discredited him by bringing up his drug abuse habit without thinking maybe the reason why he start taking drugs was because he got molested by some creepy as producer.”

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Jennifer Lopez On Ben Affleck New Back Tattoo “It’s Awful!”

Jennifer Lopez sounded off on how she really feels about Ben Affleck‘s tattoos. Affleck’s ex-fiancé made the comments while appearing on Watch What Happens Live Monday.

She told host Andy Cohen just how much of a fan she is of Affleck’s new huge Phoenix back tattoo.

ben affleck back tattoo huge

“It’s awful! What are you doing?” Lopez, 46, said during the “Plead the Fifth” segment. “His tattoos always have too many colors, they shouldn’t be so colorful. Continue reading

Ben Affleck Former Nanny Caught Wearing Jennifer Garner’s CLOTHING?

Former Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner nanny Christine Ouzounian spotted getting gas at an LA station while wearing an identical pair of jean cutoffs pictured on Garner last month.

Garner was spotted in the same (as in exact) shorts last month as she picked up coffee in Atlanta following the news of her split with Ben.

Christine Ouzounian Jennifer Garner cutoffs

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Ben Affleck Still Smoking After All These Years

The difficulties of divorce, they can drive you to drink, but in the case of newly separated, Ben Affleck, he’s both drinking and smoking.

As reports surface that Jennifer Garner and Batman may be trying to work it out, Ben was spotted looking down and defeated while smoking a dirty stick while desperately still wearing his wedding ring.

ben affleck smoking

The 42-year-old actor was spotted in the yard of the rental house, looking generally defeated. Continue reading

REPORT: Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez GETTING BACK TOGETHER

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner recently announced that they are splitting up and already Ben’s old flame, Jennifer Lopez is back in the picture.

Urban gossip outlet, MTO, is spilling the tea saying the divorce is NOT over Ben’s gambling problem and moreover Garner catching him getting jiggy with Lopez!

jennifer lopez ben affleck 3

According to our insider, Jen and Ben have been SNEAKING AROUND for weeks. It started off as just CUT BUDDIES Continue reading

Who Is Shannon De Lima? And How Does Jennifer Lopez Fit in?

Shannon De Lima is a 26-year-old Venezuelan model who just married Marc Anthony, who was formerly married to Jennifer Lopez.

The couple exchanged vows at a private home at the Casa de Campo resort in front of close friends and family in a ceremony in the Dominican Republic.

shannon de lima selfie

During an appearance at her book signing in NYC, Lopez responded to the news that her ex-husband had popped the question to De Lima. Continue reading