Millionaire Flies Plane Banner Accusing Reggie Miller of Adultery

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As a writer, I never know when a story will present itself… Today the following story was literally sky high. I could not believe my eyes and snapped this quick picture with my iPhone.

It seems a disgruntled millionaire is so mad at basketball player Reggie Miller for having sex with his wife; he had this banner flown behind a plane, back and forth over the coast of southern California, from Malibu to Redondo.


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I have no idea if Reggie was in town for the big Volleyball tournament going on in Manhattan Beach, which I was in attendance; If Miller was there, he was laying low and considering what was flying above, that may have been a good idea.

This is an open invitation to the millionaire to come on and tell his story; If you want to really start something with Miller, this is the place to start it…

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  • jm

    There never was any sex and secondly the women in question is not even the spoiled little baby’s wife…its his girlfreind and they only exchanged phone numbers. If Von Douchenberg is that insecure he wont last very long in Malibu

  • nanindy

    Well the rumor was that Reg was seeing a local celebrity young lady here in Indy (one that did tv commercials and was well known for selling tanning bed and hot tubs)…and Marita burn down the house because the young celeb was pregnant! Who knows what was the real story, but here’s another story about the house on Geist (which I was boating with my girlfriends the other day and we boated past Reggie’s house which is very fine I will say). I will testify that everyone loved Reggie here in Indiana though. He was the heart and soul of the Pacers!!
    Here’s the other story:
    Being the wife of an NBA superstar, legend, and future hall of famer should be a full enough life. Not so for Marita Miller, Reggie’s wife.

    Mrs. Miller fancied a Hollywood movie career and wanted Reggie to buy a house in California. Instead, Reggie began construction on a $3 million mansion outside of Indianapolis. When it was completed in July of 1997, Marita began dutifully moving the family in until one night the house burned to the ground.

    Personal items lost in the blaze (either stolen or destroyed) included a wedding ring, an expensive watch, and basketball memorabilia.

    Results of tests conducted on debris from the fire confirm that the fire was set intentionally.

    While Marita Miller was never charged with arson, locals point to her as the only person in Indiana who would have done such a thing to Reggie Miller.


    Three years after the blaze Reggie Miller filed for divorce from his wife of ten years. In accordance with a “pre-marriage agreement,” Marita Miller was to receive $3,000 per month.

    Marita Miller had a 2001 film credit in Dinner Rush, starring Danny Aiello.

    Reggie Miller now owns a home in Malibu in addition to his home in Indiana.

  • At coffee bean now, I keep overhearing conversations about this! Reminds of the people who bought the sign planes to fly over the “Big Brother” show lot to alert household members of backstabbers! Now the roof of Big Brother on CBS Radford lot is closed off I heard…
    Did you know Reggie’s X wife burnt down his mansion because he was ‘pursuing married women’ years ago too? This is a normal thing with NBA players. Not really surprised.

  • Reggie lives in Malibu and has been causing trouble with dudes by hitting on their girls… This time he f’ed with the wrong dude…

    We broke this story first on
    reggie is in SERIOUS trouble!